Solar panels

Solar panels at the Ecolodge

Wind turbine

The wind turbine that supplies energy in the winter at Eco Adventures

solar heater

Hot showers at the Ecolodge are provided by our solar heaters

Tablet with resource usage monitoring software

Touch-screen monitor showing guests' energy and water usage

2013 World Responsible Tourism Award for Water Conservation


Read our Sustainability Policy.

Welcome to Chepu Adventures, our project that provides accommodation and activities in harmony with nature. We engage you with our zeal to protect our environment and nature is our main supplier of hot water and electricity.

We use only natural and renewable resources such as: rain for water and wind and sun for electricity. We carry out good eco practices such as recycling, reuse of materials, fair prices, etc. We use earth-filtering rain-collectors and save water in a well and large water tanks. We use LED lights so that we can live with the electric supply of our wind energy. We have installed domotic (automated) lights to improve efficiency. Sheets and towels are air-dried and we do not use tumble dryers. We are a paper-free company: you will check in on a computer system, waivers are signed using a scan of your pinkie finger, and receipts are emailed to you.

We are committed to achieving a zero carbon footprint.

But there is more to the Chepu Adventures eco-experience!

Take our Eco-Challenge!

Guests are able to monitor their water and energy use to see if they are within our suggested Eco-limits and learn to live within them. We provide a touch-screen monitor with information and advice to interested guests, where they can see their actual consumption in real time alongside the Eco-limits. Read more about our Interactive Experience of Sustainability concept.

Typical UseEco-LimitGuidelines
80-10040Limit shower to 3 minutes (it's possible, we promise!) = 21 L.
Use the "if it's yellow, let it mellow, if it's brown, flush it down" toilet rule = 7 L/flush.
6-124Turn off lights when you are not in the room, and adjust your daily cycle to the sun. Unplug electronics when they are not actively charging. Avoid the use of high-wattage appliances (e.g. hairdryers).

At the end of their stay, any visitor who has remained within the Eco-limits will be rewarded by Chepu Adventures planting a new tree in Patagonia in their honor. In this way, we make the concept of sustainability interactive and engaging.

We are a plastic bottle-free zone!

Plastic bottles or plastics are not welcome; if you bring them, we ask you to take them with you once you leave.

We are a supporter of the Travelers Against Plastic initiative. We understand that even our most eco-conscious guests purchase bottled water because they are concerned about waterborne illnesses, so be reassured that we are happy to provide filtered, sterilized water for your reusable water bottles!

Our Latest Innovations

We are working on our electric kayaks, specially designed for Mammal & Bird watching, because it does not contaminate the water, is absolutely silent, and the deep cycle batteries that run them are recharged by wind energy giving a direct Zero Carbon Footprint. We are developing a GPS-based range monitoring system for them to make sure they don't run out of battery and strand passengers.

Recognition and Awards

River otters give us two paws up! Behaving in an eco-friendly manner and kayaking in absolute silence for the past 7 years is rewarding us with the company of river otters and beavers which occasionally swim next to our kayaks. They do not fear our presence and sometimes escort our guests in the river!

We are working to reduce our carbon footprint to be completely Carbon free. Read more about our efforts, including our carbon-offsetting work. Our commitment for the environment has been recognized with a 2013 Award for Responsible Tourism, as winners in the "best for water conservation" category.