Minimizing Our Environmental Footprint

Chepu Adventures offsets carbon

Our carbon footprint is the total of all greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted into the atmosphere in the process of running our sustainable business. In January 2013, Chepu Adventures realized a GHG inventory with the help of an external consultant, with a total of 19.020 kgCO2e.

Why water means a lot to us

Carbon is not all. Water footprint is a great challenge at Chepu Adventures. Our water consumption comes entirely from rainwater recovery and filtration. As it rains less in Chiloe from January to April, when most guests settle, we have to take good care of it. Throughout the year, we gather water in a 16,000 liter well in addition to two 5,000 liters tanks. A guest consumes around 80 to 100 liters a day. This is a common challenge to save water. Water is a daily challenge at Chepu Adventures. You are part of it.

What we do

It is our belief that both guests and us can and should reduce their carbon footprint. It starts with looking at ways to reduce your own emissions, usually directly related to reducing energy and water consumption.

100% renewable energies on-site

We believe in investing in renewable energy like solar and wind energy production on-site. Our office and ecorooms are currently being powered by electricity, gas and renewable energy (a combination of wind and solar).

Carbon offsetting

Our objective, already accomplished during 2013, was to offset our indirect GHG emissions through a voluntary compensation project of Native Reforestation. As a matter of fact, 92% of our GHG emissions relate to indirect sources (building materials, incoming materials, etc.). Chepu Adventures offsets 17.548 kgCO2 with Patagonia SUR.

CO2 Compensation Certification 2013

A sustainable operating system

We are also conscious of our daily operations: Chepu Adventures is a zero-paper company. We also use energy efficient heaters, promote spaces with natural light and use high-efficiency lighting systems.

An innovative home-designed water management system

We have set up an innovative water management system, which enables us to manage water in each ecoroom as well as our global water disposal. We believe that innovation can help sustainability. To that extent our guests, as active users of our water management system, are the guarantee when it comes to save water.